GenesisConnect support

To help out people using Achievements with GenesisConnect, I have made some improvements for the next release and have created a new support page with information about GenesisConnect.

About Paul Gibbs

BuddyPress Lead Developer. WordPress Engineer at Human Made. You can say hello at, in the BuddyPress channel on, or on Twitter as @pgibbs.
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5 Responses to GenesisConnect support

  1. Excellent, I’m a fan of StudioPress and I’ve heard that Ron & Andrea did a really good job on GenesisConnect.

    Is this next version due soon or are you going to way until after the audit / 1.3 release?

  2. Andrea_R says:

    Thanks Paul, you rock.:)

    As always, if there’s anything we can do on our end, you know who to holler at.😀

  3. Thanks a lot dude. I’m really loving this achievement plugin for BuddyPress. I’m really trying to build an interactive site for my users and your product is going a long way. As soon as I get my site up and running and making money I’m definitely going to send you a donation. Your plug in goes a Looong way into helping my achieve my dream. I wanna say thanks a lot and please please keep up the good work. I’ll be keeping an eye on your progress with baited breath.
    Kind regards, Simon.

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